The kids are back!

February 3, 2011

2C has a whole new group of students who started back at school on January 24, 2011. We have started a new blog and hope that you will follow our classroom activities as we head into a new year of learning.

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

December 10, 2010

Dear 2C,

After a very busy term, the holidays are finally here. Merry Christmas everyone and I wish you a safe and happy holiday. I look forward to seeing you back at school in 2011!

From Mrs Rowley



Jamie’s New Best Friend

December 8, 2010

Kevin is going home with Jamie and look how happy they are!

The rest of 2c enjoyed reading Jamie’s reasons as to why he should be the one to have Kevin.

Well done, Jamie!


Kevin Goes to a New Home

December 7, 2010

Most of 2C would love to take Kevin home and welcome him into their family. We each wrote to try and persuade Mrs Rowley to send Kevin home with just one of us. Kevin was most impressed with this letter and thinks this person will love and care for him. Do you know whose it is?


Kevin’s Super Fun Day

December 7, 2010

Jamie says:

Kevin and I watched Scott play Backyard Monsters. I let Kevin sit on our tree. Kevin and Suzie the tiger sat together. We went to play the computer and we played a game. When Kevin saw heaps of soldiers he fell asleep.

Who Am I?

December 7, 2010

2C have been reading and listening to fairytales this term. Frogs, little girls, princesses, wolves and giants…..they are all characters in the fairytales we have read. Can you guess who are the characters you can see in the photos here?

Oh, so delicous!

December 5, 2010

On Friday 2C made gingerbread men. We decorated them with choc drops and candy coated sweets. We could smell the ginger when they were baking in the oven. Mrs Rowley was careful when she opened the oven door just in case they wanted to run away!

Luckily they stayed and we enjoyed the crunchy gingerbread men biscuits with our lunch.

Kevin’s Weekend Adventure

November 30, 2010

Calvin says:

On Friday Kevin played with Splash, the guinea pig, in my backyard and on Saturday he had a bath and he felt much cleaner. On Saturday morning we went to swimming lessons but I couldn’t swim because I had a sore on my leg so Kevin and I played in the water. Kevin had a ride on the swimboard, then he climbed the rock wall. Then after that he played in the children’s playpen and couldn’t get out. On Sunday Kevin and I went to the movies. I was happy and excited to have Kevin for a sleepover. We had a great weekend. Bye Kevin!

Kevin’s Fun Day

November 30, 2010

Rebecca says:

 When I got home Kevin and I went on the trampoline. It was fun for Kevin and me. My dog had fun playing with Kevin on the grass.  My dog taught Kevin good manners. Kevin went to dancing with me. For dinner Kevin ate chicken and vegetables. We had a yummy iceblock.

Questions for Room 6

November 25, 2010



We chatted to the students in Room 6 earlier this week but didn’t have enough time to ask all the questions we would have like to have asked.

Here they are and we look forward to having them answered some time soon!

How are Kanga and Roo going?
Room 6:………

Do you have homework?
Room 6:………

What kinds of jobs do you have to do at your house?
Room 6:………

Do you have playtime and a playground outside?
Room 6:………

What is the area around your school like?
Room 6:………

Do you go on excursions? Where do you go?
Room 6:………

Do you cook at school?
Room 6:………

Do you get to take Kanga and Roo home?
Room 6:………

Do you have an oval?
Room 6:………

How do you celebrate Christmas?
Room 6:………

Have you seen any kiwis in the wild?
Room 6:………

How many kids are in your class?
Room 6:………

Do you have an interactive whiteboard in your classroom?
Room 6:………

What kinds of pets do you have at home?
Room 6:………